A software component designed to aid developers in handling the registered / unregistered state of their applications with a complete database.

  • TRegistration
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  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :3delite

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TRegistration Description

Software developers who use Delphi might have difficulties in maintaining an organized listing of the registration status of their shareware software. TRegistration is an application that was created in order to provide users with an efficient way of keeping a detailed database with the registration state of their various software.

Clean interface that offers users a minimalist layout with only the essential tools for software registration management

The application provides an uncluttered interface where one will be able to quickly view all the different software projects and their corresponding registration states. One will be able to easily create a new database for the registration statuses and the utility also offers a handy project manager.

By using the project manager, people will be able to create new projects, with corresponding tables, icons and registration number seeds. For each project, a specific sub-version can be added, with its own code seed. All of the above tasks can be achieved with ease, thanks to the application’s intuitive handling.

Keep track of the registration status of your software with this useful application

Provided that they have installed the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express or MySQL database environments on their PCs, users will then be able to also connect to such databases and store the registration information in them.

Custom registration information can be added and one will be able to input names, email addresses, comments, version numbers and registration numbers. Furthermore, the utility offers a customizable template for the emails which are being sent upon the registration and people can enter the preferred text strings.

Useful application for developers who wish to manage the registration status of their software

This application addresses those who require a way of keeping track of the registration status of their software. It will allow them to create a centralized database where all the registration information will be stored and they will be able to customize the registration information to meet their requirements. One can input names, email addresses and product versions and the utility also offers customizable email templates.

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