Generate family tree charts or import and freely customize them by using this lightweight application that comes with several customization options.

  • TreeDraw
  • Version :4.4.2
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SpanSoft

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TreeDraw Description

As a historian, sometimes you can be required to create genealogy graphs, to further add to your research. It might come in handy to have all the information you need displayed in a convenient way, in front of you.

If you want a fast way to render family tree graphs, you can rely on TreeDraw, a genealogy software package that is designed to help you generate the said content in an effortless manner.

Faulty user interface

As it packs a simplistic, yet outdated user interface, you can understand and access most of its core functions with minimum effort and no help from the user manual. However, certain functions are not as intuitive and you might need to thoroughly explore the application before you familiarize yourself with it.

For instance, some global hotkeys do not feature the same functionality in this program (e.g. Ctrl + Z does not undo but Alt + Backspace does, also redo cannot be accessed through keyboard shortcuts). Furthermore, each tool comes with its precise functionality, so you cannot move, resize or delete a textbox you just created unless you select the default selection component.

Handful of drawing tools

TreeDraw comes with a few useful drawing options, such as rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse and line tools. This utility allows created items to snap to each other, thus increasing drawing efficiency.

It is possible to add text to the objects you created. However, text format cannot be changed on the go, unless you select the content you want to edit and access the traditional menu. In addition, certain functions (like adding an image) might cause your text to suddenly get unaligned.

Import and export support

TreeDraw can import multiple family tree types from Kith and Kin Pro or other genealogy programs that provide GEDCOM support.

To sum it up, if you need genealogy software that can help you generate various family graphs and you do not mind the casual malfunctions and rather troublesome interface, you can rely on TreeDraw.

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