Start the screensaver or turn off your monitor using custom hotkeys, with this application that offers access to the screensaver settings from the tray area.

  • TrayBlank
  • Version :1.8
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Goat 1000

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TrayBlank Description

People who use their PCs’ screensavers and prefer to keep their displays in standby with such features, might seek an easy to use solution for enabling the screen protection. Tray Blank is an application that was developed in order to help users overcome such issues and it will allow them to start the screensavers or turn off their monitors by using their own custom hotkeys.

Tray-area based interface that offers minimalist tools for setting up and enabling a screensaver

Featuring a compact installer package and being considerably light on resources, the application’s features can be accessed through its icon in the tray area. Users will be able to access various tools that will allow them to configure their basic screensaver characteristics.

People can select a timeout interval, choose a specific screensaver, configure and enable it, straight from the tray icon menu. However, the application will just open the Windows screensaver menu and it is there where users will be able to configure their screen protection.

Define custom hotkeys for starting screensavers or even turning off your monitor

By far, the most important feature offered by this application are its customizable hotkeys. It will allow people to define their own keyboard shortcuts that will enable them to easily turn off their monitor, start the screensaver or enter its configuration.

Through its straightforward operation and easy-to-access tools, the application might be appreciated by novice users. Nevertheless, demanding users could sense its lack of more advanced features and might require additional features, such as a scheduler module or a more in-depth screensaver configuration (not the one provided in the OS).

Friendly software solution that will help you configure and start your screensaver by using custom hotkeys

For those who prefer a quick and efficient solution for starting their screensavers, this application might just be what they need. It will allow them to use the tray area icon to turn off their monitor, starting the screensaver or enter its configuration menu. Furthermore, users will be able to define their own keyboard shortcuts that will enable allow to start the screensavers in no time. However, demanding users might not be pleased with its basic set of features and might request mode advanced tools.

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