Travel Agent

Cleverly organize and keep track of events with reminders for a travel agency with this easy to use scheduling software application.

  • Travel Agent
  • Version :2.7
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :binaryhouse

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Travel Agent Description

Even if not part of a business, scheduling events and managing time is crucial to achieving success. With the help of specialized computer applications such as Travel Agent, this can easily be done from the comfort of your desktop.

Familiar interface gets you up and running in no time

Running the application reveals and office suite like workspace, with minor adjustments. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it makes for a quick accommodation and saving you the time otherwise needed to learn how it works.

Keep track of tourists and agents

The provided workspace is fitted with two side panels. One is dedicated to agents in your company, also referred to as resources, while the other stands for tourists. Both can be attributed a picture, a name and are easily used in schedules either by dragging them in the desired place or, in the case of agents, by selecting them.

Create events and view them in a calendar

Every function provided by the application can easily be accessed either through a tab or button. Switching to a calendar view displays a customizable timeline with integrated events. These can easily be created from the calendar section and moved around to the desired day or hour.

Additionally, events can also be managed through a tab dedicated to them. A detailed view is put at your disposal, with every option modifiable. Moreover, a reminder can be set to each event. This can be set to announce you every now and then, as well as play a sound for more efficiency.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Travel Agent gives you the possibility to easily organize your time so that efficiency becomes a strong point in your business. The familiar interface gets you up and running in no time, and export options allow you to save it as several text file types, and even HTML.

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