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TradeTrakker Description

While investing in the stock market can be very profitable, you need to monitor your stocks almost constantly, as the frequent changes in prices or trade volume have to be taken into account.

TradeTrakker is a comprehensive application that can save you a lot of effort, as it automatically monitors worldwide stock market data and lets you know how your stocks are performing. You can manage multiple portfolios at once and view detailed statistics and reports.

Features a wizard mode to help you add stocks

Even if you possess extensive knowledge of stock market activities, an application like TradeTrakker can prove to be overwhelming at first. To help you get up to speed more quickly, the program offers a simple wizard mode that you can access to add new items or change the status of an existing stock.

All you need to do is go through a few simple steps, while following the provided instructions. You can specify a stock’s symbol, the number of shares you have bought, their price and the purchase date. Of course, numerous other parameters can be modified, should you choose to edit the created stock manually.

Manage multiple portfolios

All the created portfolios are easily accessible from a drop-down menu in the main program window, enabling you to switch between them quickly.

Each portfolio can be customized so that it displays a particular set of data columns. This way, you can have access to the information you need, without cluttering your workspace.

Place a toolbar on your desktop and receive alerts

TradeTrakker can display a personalized stock ticker on your computer’s desktop, allowing you to keep track of stock prices or market indexes without having to bring up the application.

Additionally, if trade volume or the price of a certain stock climbs above or drops below a preset value, the program can trigger an alert.

Overall, TradeTrakker is a handy application that can prove to be invaluable for stock market investors. It helps you keep track of your stocks and transactions, while managing multiple portfolios. Although it is a complex program, it does include extensive documentation.

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