Total Watermark Professional

Personalize and protect your photos by adding a custom watermark on them, then exporting or uploading them on a social network site.

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Total Watermark Professional Description

Total Watermark Professional is a comprehensive solution for personalizing your images with a customized stamp. You may add image and text watermarks, as well as specify the owner of the copyright. The program also allows you to edit the image by cropping, resizing, renaming or converting it to another format.

Edit batches of photos in a short time

Total Watermark Professional is designed help you customize your images, by adding watermarks on large series of pictures, in a few seconds. The program can come in very handy for professional photographers who need to process and sell hundreds, even thousands of photos in one session.

The program allows you to load preset watermark templates (files in *.twp format), but you can also customize its appearance with a few mouse clicks.

The tool’s intuitive interface is divided into three areas: the column on the left lists all the images you loaded to be modified in the current session. The space on the right contains all the editing function you can use to correct a photo.

Comprehensive working space

Total Watermark Professional allows you to easily view the original files, the result and the list of successfully exported images. The column on the right lists all the functions you can use: crop, resize, watermark, conversion, rename and export. The nodes can be expanded or reduced.

The tools are suitable for creating series of images/slideshows, then export or share them online. Total Watermark Professional allows you to upload the batch to several social network sites, either before or after their modification. This is an additional function, compared to Total Watermark.

Advanced image preview tool

Total Watermark Professional enables you to view details in the photos you load by zooming in or out on them. You may set each image to be displayed at its full resolution or to fit the screen. The watermarks templates can be customized by adding or removing image/text elements. Each stamp can be placed in a different location on the picture.

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