Total Software Deployment

Seamlessly schedule installation of sets of software application across the computers in the network and keep track of the application installed with this tool.

  • Total Software Deployment
  • Version :2.0.0 build 791
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Softinventive Lab Inc

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Total Software Deployment Description

In spite of the IT Departments’ responsibilities, unfortunately, a lot of time and energy is wasted on making updates, applying patches and installing new software solutions to individual PCs. If the process were to become automated, then engineers would have more time to develop useful utilities, updates would be performed more frequently and the process itself becomes less error-prone.

Total Software Deployment is a utility designed for network administrators who are looking for a solution that enables them to install applications on multiple computers at the same time.

Intuitive GUI and straightforward functionality

After a quick installation, you are required to specify the storage folders for the applications to be deployed as well as the network where they are being kept and you are ready to start scheduling updates, patches and new installations.

The application comes with a clean and structured interface that is neatly organized into multiple panels. While the outer panes are dedicated for listing the software applications and the computers, the smaller one in the middle section has the role of displaying the status of the PCs, the order of the apps to be installed and the corresponding computers.

Comes with three types of deployment to choose from

Since no installation is like the other, you can rest assured that the tool provides you with different methods of deploying applications on the computers you are administering. As the name suggests, some setups are easy and straightforward and hence, come with a pre-configured set of option that makes the entire process a walk in the park.

In case you need to install a new application, then you can employ the macro deployment method, which has been specially designed to record the user actions during a more sophisticated setup for future playback on a remote computer.

The third approach – SYSSHOT – can be particularly useful for updates or patches and it can save you a lot of time and energy when deploying small tools or programs. The idea behind the method is to compare two system shots and identify the changes made for future deployment.

On a side note, since you have no way of controlling all Windows background processes during the setup, there is a chance that the method also records them during the analysis. Consequentially, the task should be handled by an advanced user.

A comprehensive deployment tool

In the eventuality that you are on the lookout for a solution that can help your team gain more time to improve the IT infrastructure and operations, then Total Software Deployment could lend you a hand by automating software deployment.

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