Total Recorder Standard Edition

Record sound in several ways like scheduling or normal mode, organize playlists and listen to your favorite tunes with this neat app.

  • Total Recorder Standard Edition
  • Version:8.6 Build 6575
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:highcriteria

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Total Recorder Standard Edition Description

Audio processing can seem like a difficult task, especially for beginners. However, given the right tools, anyone can at least try out and record sound, but also process existing audio files to get more quality or extract parts. In this regard, Total Recorder Standard Edition comes with a little bit of everything you need in order to grab sound and export it.

Multiple recording methods

When setup is complete, you’re free to take the application for a spin to see what it’s all about. For the best experience, you might want to make sure that there’s a microphone connected to your computer, because it’s one of the main features, and you can even tell this from the name.

You might have a little hard time realizing that the application is capable of recording sound, because the dedicated option is rather difficult to identify. When you do find it, recording can be triggered in several ways.

The default and easiest recording function is to simply start, and hit the stop button once you have the sound you want or need. On the other hand, a schedule can be set up in case you want to listen to a specific show on a radio station, but you’re never around or simply have something better to do.

Play songs and process sound

Besides the recording function, the application is also equipped with all it needs to be called an audio player. Even by default there’s a playlist that shows up on start, where you can drag a large variety of audio files like WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA, and MOV. What’s more, you can save the playlist or even import playlists if you already have some on your computer.

Moreover, the main window is fitted with several more controls. These are not only to control the volume or balance, but can also extract bits of audio from any recording or imported song. This is easily done by specifying start and end points.

A few last words

Bottom line is that Total Recorder Standard Edition is one of the tool you can just leave on your computer, serving as a neat audio processing tool, or a great media player. Visuals leave nothing more to be desired, functionality is flawless, making this app worth at least a try.

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