Total Commander CD / DVD Burning Plugin

The long-awaited Total commander plugin that gives you the possibility to burn data on CD/DVD and even create ISO/CUE files without the need of external applications.

  • Total Commander CD / DVD Burning Plugin
  • Version :0.9.3
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Tiamat Software

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Total Commander CD / DVD Burning Plugin Description

Storing data has significantly improved over the years, starting from devices that could only store a few megabytes to compact disks and removable drives capable of storing a large quantity of data. For CDs and DVDs you are required to use specialized applications to burn files. By default, your operating system comes equipped with a tool that allows this process to be done from the file explorer. However, for those of you who prefer Total Commander, this dedicated plugin offers its services so you don’t have to use external applications.

Easy deployment and integration

Since it comes in the form of a plugin, Total Commander CD/DVD Burning Plugin has no dedicated interface that lets you manage options. After the deployment process is done, you can easily access it in one of the available navigation panels. There are several options you can take advantage of, such as audio, data or video projects.

Fully configurable settings

In addition, you can choose to rescan the device in case it is not properly detected, have content erased, or access the configurations menu. This lets you set buffer size, set the plugin to use internal ASPI layer, choose a default volume label and a few more.

Create and manage ISO files

The application gives you the possibility to save projects for later use. Doing so simply requires you to select the dedicated category and have files dragged from the other explorer panel. Furthermore, you can create ISO/CUE image files that can also be bootable, which is also an option for a normal burning session.

Session info can be saved to file

The backbone that makes this plugin run is FoxBurner SDK. Because of this, you can manage a few more post-process operations. A new window is brought up when a session is started, which displays related info such as a log that can be saved to file or clipboard, buffer usage and completion status.

In conclusion

All in all, Total Commander CD/DVD Burning Plugin is a handy utility you might want to keep around if Total Commander is the file manager of your choice. Unfortunately, the plugin is only available and supported by the x32 version and it seems that no updates are going to change this. However, it still manages to get the job done and runs on all Windows versions.

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