A user-friendly Mercurial front-end that installs as a shell extension, also providing a workbench to manage repositories and make commits.

  • TortoiseHg
  • Version : 4.2.2
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TortoiseHg

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TortoiseHg Description

TortoiseHg is a repository explorer for Mercurial, enabling you to easily maintain and manage historical file versions. With its help, you can easily view the content of multiple repositories, sync data and perform basic management tasks.

Shell extension for quick access to Mercurial

It installs as a Windows shell extension, providing quick and convenient access to options for creating new repositories, adding new files to existing ones, performing synchronizations, view a file’s history, create clones, remove files from the repository or rename them. It supports overlay handlers for easier identification of newly added and unversioned files.

The main purpose of this application is to allow the management of files and directories over time. It enables you to review the modifications that a file suffered and retrieve a previous version from the repository in case you need to.

Advanced repository management capabilities

The TortoiseHg Workbench is the application that enables you to browse multiple local repositories, perform data searches, make commits, load and view all the file revisions. Thanks to its intuitive, tab-based interface, navigation through the structure of a repository is an easy task and so is managing and organizing all the file change sets.

The Workbench enables you to work with Mercurial commands and view the results in the logging area. It can be used for storing data concerning all the modifications that a folder or file has suffered and quickly recover previous versions or, on the contrary, update your working directory to a selected revision.

TortoiseHg comes with a ‘Visual Diff’ tool, which enables you to compare the content of your working directory with the selected revision. It features bookmarks and tagging for easier navigation, as well as search capabilities.

Mercurial front-end and reliable file versioning application

TortoiseHg automatically records any change you make to a file or a folder that is also found in the repository. It is a useful tool that allows Mercurial users to implement a robust file versioning system on their PC.

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