Topaz Impression

A powerful yet user-friendly software solution that you can turn to when you want to make your photos look as if they have been hand painted by an artist.

Topaz Impression for Windows Download (V2.0.4)

Topaz Impression for Mac Download(V2.0.5)

Topaz Impression Description

There are a lot of people who like to paint in their spare time, and sometimes they might even come up with amazing results.

However, if you are not one of them and you still wish to impress your friends with your artistic skills, you can rely on Topaz Impression to effortlessly make any image look as if it were painted  by a real person.

Turn regular images into hand-painted creations

The application sports a straightforward GUI (graphical user interface) that makes it easy even for computer novices to select a picture file – they can either use the standard Browse function or they can drag and drop the file onto the main window of the app.

Once the image has been loaded, Topaz Impression automatically generates several enhanced versions, thus leaving it up to you to choose the one you like best.

Adjust brushstroke size, coverage or colors

If you want to further enhance the appearance of your newly-created painting, you can simply start toying with the provided settings, such as brush size, paint volume and opacity, stroke length or width, as well as coverage.

You also get to alter the colors’ hue, saturation or brightness with only some mouse clicks and since you can view the results in real-time, you can easily decide if you want to keep the current configuration or you prefer to keep experimenting with the settings.

Save your digitally created painting to JPG, PNG or TIF

Topaz Impression provides you with the possibility to alter the lighting brightness, contrast and vignette, along with the texture strength, size and type. Even if you are not familiarized with all these terms, you can simply tamper with their values without worrying that your source file gets modified.

Once you are completely pleased with the project created using Topaz Impression, you can export your file to JPG, PNG or TIF and share it with your friends.

All in all, the application can be a reliable utility for all those who want to make their images look amazing and are willing to invest some of their money in purchasing an app for generating hand-painted drawings.

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