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Extract email addresses, phone numbers and messenger IDs from the web with this powerful application that offers numerous filtering options.

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Top Lead Extractor Description

Most companies use extensive mailing lists for their marketing campaigns, but there are many other ways to get the word out, and a diversified approach is usually more effective.

Top Lead Extractor is a powerful software solution that can find not only email addresses but phone numbers and Skype, ICQ, MSN, AOL and Yahoo messenger IDs as well. It uses multiple search engine and allows you to set up numerous filters to ensure only relevant contacts are extracted.

Useful program for marketing consultants

Top Lead Extractor is mainly aimed at businesses that need to acquire contact information from various sources as quickly as possible.

The primary search method relies on a series of keywords, and you can choose which engines should be used. Moreover, you can determine the URL crawl depth and the processing speed.

However, it is also possible to provide a list of URLs for the application to search, should you already know where the most valuable contacts can be found.

Comprehensive search filters

Top Lead Extractor can search for email addresses, phone numbers and various messenger IDs. Naturally, you may not be interested in all of these, but you have the option of ignoring any of them.

The application allows you to filter entries that contain various terms, and unnecessary elements can be removed from the email addresses or phone numbers automatically.

Additionally, you can limit the search to phone numbers from particular areas by specifying which country codes should be taken into consideration.

Export the extracted contact info and reap the benefits

The application saves the fetched data automatically, at a certain interval, so there is no risk of accidentally losing the gathered information.

Contacts can be exported to CSV or tab delimited TXT files, and phone numbers, emails and messenger IDs can be saved separately.

Overall, Top Lead Extractor is a complex program that makes it a lot easier for marketing consultants to find leads for their companies. It can extract emails, phone numbers and messenger IDs from the web, while also allowing you to set up multiple advanced filters.

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