Create and manage daily assignments, prioritize and color-code tasks, assign tags, encrypt information, schedule reminders, upload the project via FTP, and more.

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ToDoList Description

Keeping track of all pending tasks and upcoming events is something most employees struggle with. ToDoList is a small-sized app that helps you manage daily activities so that you can stay focused and always have a clear idea of your next assignment. It comes equipped with a lot of options and configuration settings, so you should take plenty of time to discover its full capabilities.

Simple and neatly organized interface

The installation procedure is fast and does not require special attention. The program is wrapped in a clear-cut interface with a well-structured layout. If you don’t have a clue on how to get started, there’s a brief tutorial that can be of service for beginners.

Customize task settings in every aspect

It is possible to create as many tasks and subtasks are necessary, and fill out information such as due date, category, tags, title, status, estimate time, color code and priority. What’s more, you can schedule reminders, apply a spellchecker for the title and comments, split tasks into multiple parts, as well as add them to archives or directly send them via email.

Resort to a bunch of handy task management tools

The task list can be password-protected to prevent unauthorized users from viewing sensitive information, as well as exported to file and imported later. Moreover, you can upload the project to a website via FTP, consult a calendar, use a search function to locate a particular job from the list, as well as sort tasks by taking into account numerous criteria (e.g. completed status, percent completed, time tracking).

Evaluation and conclusion

The software application supports multiple languages, keyboard shortcuts and a lot of UI customization options. It can be asked to automatically run at every Windows startup until further notice. No errors were shown in our tests, and the utility did not hang or crash.

To sum it up, ToDoList provides users with an extensive set of features and customization options dedicated to creating and managing assignments. It’s definitely worth exploring.

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