Create and customize titles or subtitles for your various projects by embedding them directly into the video file using this application.

  • titlebee
  • Version :1.10
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :titlebee

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titlebee Description

Even though most media players allow you to load subtitles with your film, sometimes the files are not recognized. While you could start looking for another file on the web, a faster and more efficient solution would be to hardcode the subtitles into the video.

titlebee is a piece of software that enables you to create and edit titles and subtitles for your various projects and hardcode them into the video seamlessly.

Provides you with an intuitive environment to create subtitles

Without denying that the interface could use more work, it is also intuitive and easy to navigate. You can add a video file by dragging and dropping it into the dedicated field and start working on the titles and subtitles immediately. You can add a new line, copy and paste it via the context menu in the right panel.

You should know that the subtitle pane also acts as a timeline, so you can browse through it to edit sentences or make sure that the subtitles are in synchronization with the video, for instance.

Supports formatting and works with most video files

It is important to note that you can customize both the titles and subtitles by editing the font’s size, color and style. In fact, you can create your custom font by accessing the Style menu and save it, so you can use it on other projects as well. On a side note, in case you want to add Bold, Italic or Underlined, then you need to use HTML tags for formatting.

The program works with most video files, so you are unlikely to encounter restrictions irrespective of the source of the file you want to manipulate. The feature makes the app suitable for both professional shootings and homemade videos that you are trying to hardsub for personal projects, for example.

A great tool for subtitle manipulation

In the eventuality that you are involved in projects that entail broadcasting foreign movies to an audience or your video player does not support subtitles, then maybe titlebee can help you hardcode them into the clips.

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