Tipard PDF to Word Converter

Convert any of your PDF documents to the MS Word doc or rtf file formats fast and easy with the help of this intuitive piece of software.

  • Tipard PDF to Word Converter
  • Version :3.3.16
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Tipard Studio

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Tipard PDF to Word Converter Description

One of the simplest manner in which users can carry documents around is to save them in the form of PDF (Portable Document Format) files but this operation comes with its own set of disadvantages, given that the editing of PDFs is not an operation supported in a wide range of applications.

Users interested in making changes to PDF files can, however, convert them to text documents for that, and Tipard PDF to Word Converter is one of the applications that ca be used for that.

Batch conversion capabilities

The program comes with support for converting multiple files at the same time, while also allowing users to set different conversion options for each of their documents.

To get started with the program, users simply need to browse their computers for the files they want to convert, or for the folder in which these files are located, and then to add all of them to the conversion queue.

Convert only specific PDF pages

When taking advantage of this application’s capabilities, users can either choose to convert entire documents or only parts of them. For the latter option, they can simply specify the pages to be converted, and the tool does the rest.

Users can further customize the output files by selecting specific names for them and by choosing the manner in which the tool should handle any of the images included in the original PDF.

Fast, stable operations

The application can deliver snappy performance, being able to load multiple PDF at once almost instantly. The conversion process is fast and does not require a large amount of system resources, though we should note that the program does not offer support for encrypted documents.

All in all, Tipard PDF to Word Converter is an intuitive, fast conversion utility, one that allows users to transform multiple PDF files into doc or rtf files with only a few mouse clicks, while also including a series of output customization options.

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