Tiny 8051 Microcontroller Simulator

A useful application that was especially designed in order to provide users with an easy to use means of simulating microcontroller activity.

  • Tiny 8051 Microcontroller Simulator
  • Version :0.7.3 / 0.7.4 Beta
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Michal Cichon

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Tiny 8051 Microcontroller Simulator Description

Creating and testing microcontroller units is far from being a common activity and only those with experience in this area can take on such endeavors. For users who are interested in electronics or are studying it, there are some software solutions that can be used to reproduce the behavior of such devices.

Tiny 8051 Microcontroller Simulator is one such application which through a simple and well organized interface offers the necessary tools and functions for emulating a physical microprocessor at work.

To get you started immediately, the program comes with a couple of examples that are ready to be used on the spot. In case you want to make some adjustments and improvements, Tiny 8051 Microcontroller Simulator will enable you to edit data values for Special Function Registers (SFR Registers), Bank Registers as well as for any of the available memory modules (up to 4).

Several viewing options are ready in the dedicated menu, so you can go directly to a specific address or have the next statement shown. The modules you want to be displayed in the main window can be activated from the same menu, or by using the corresponding shortcut keys which are assigned to every function in Tiny 8051 Microcontroller Simulator.

The debugging area of this utility is well represented and has all the necessary commands to make the process as smooth as possible. The settings for the virtual processor and memory can be adjusted easily as each of them has its own designated menu.

Memory operations include moving data to a new destination like the program, internal data or external data memory. It is also possible to specify the source and output address and size before carrying out this operation.

To conclude, Tiny 8051 Microcontroller Simulator can prove to be a good helper for those who need to see how a microprocessor works and freely perform various modifications to the virtual device.

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