Timesheet Tracker

Keep track of how many hours your employees have spent at work, monitor their punctuality and calculate wages, with this easy-to-use application.

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  • Publisher:IpCamSoft

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Timesheet Tracker Description

If you run a company, whether small or large, you probably know how much effort is involved in keeping track of each employee’s working hours and wages. Performing calculations manually is very time-consuming, but there are applications that can help you out.

Timesheet Tracker is one of them, a straightforward program designed to automate many operations, such as recording working hours and calculating total wages. It offers a fairly basic set of features, but it is very easy to use.

Track your employees’ working hours and calculate wages

Once you have installed the application, you need to create user accounts for all your employees. When they log in, the program records the check in time and begins tracking their working hours.

While regular users can only view reports, the administrator can set up new accounts, add locations, adjust working hours and create backups.

The gathered information can be filtered using a number of parameters, and it is possible to export data to CSV files.

Minimalistic, intuitive interface that could be improved in certain respects

From a visual standpoint, Timesheet Tracker is fairly unassuming, as the user interface has a simplistic layout. The menus are relatively self-explanatory, so you should be able to find the functions you are looking for very quickly.

There are quite a few color themes to choose from, but this setting only affects the buttons and text, as it is not possible to change the default white background.

Also, a fade effect is used when switching between menus, and it cannot be disabled. While this is certainly not a major issue, being able to select functions instantly would allow you to work more efficiently.

Simple time tracking application suitable for small companies

Of course, Timesheet Tracker does not offer an extensive array of features, so larger businesses may need to rely on a more complex software solution specially designed for managing numerous employees.

However, this is a great program for small or medium companies that are looking for a straightforward time tracking utility.

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