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Monitor effective working hours of your employees based on a payroll plan and issue and abundance of reports for more performance in your company.

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Time Clock MTS Description

Time is an important resource that is traded for money, several hours a day in the form of labor. This is why time is money and employers need to keep track of working time for a business to achieve success. Most types of activities are now fitted with a computer and with the help of Time Clock MTS you can know exactly how efficient everyone works.

An abundance of helpful prompts

The application presents itself in a pretty friendly manner, with a quick start guide that lets you take a look through major areas and what can be accomplished. A few basic settings are at your disposal, such as whether or not employee PIN is required on checks, or overtime rate. You’ll encounter more tooltips along the way and even if helpful, they can become frustrating at times.

Create or import an employee database

You need to spend some time and add employees to your business for proper usage. Although the name can trick you into believing it’s only a method of tracking or organizing time, the application strongly emphasizes budget as well. You notice this when adding employees, with categories dedicated to tax and payroll information.

If you happen to have the Microsoft Office suite installed on your computer, you can use import and export options to your advantage. This saves you a great deal of time when adding data, even when it comes to employees, by simply loading an XLS file with data automatically fitted in the proper fields.

Issue reports and save to file

Accounts need to be properly managed so that prying eyes can’t just mess with values, after all, there can be money involved. An administrator password is required right from the start, with additional question to be able to reset the password later on. For extra security, you can equip employes with PIN numbers and only perform check operations based on it.

The main window displays a list of all individuals. A side panel holds timing options, with date and time displayed, as well as an activity counter and options to clock in or out. Based on budget and working hours, info can be gathered and put to good use.

What’s more, an abundance of reports can be generated either to be printed on a sheet of paper or saved to file. Even if the reporting utility only displays current status, employee ID, active job and payroll, each comes with a lot more options so you only get info of interest.

A few last words

All things considered, we can safely state that Time Clock MTS is a handy application with which you can keep track of effective employee working time to bring your business a little closer to success. Budget can also be handled, with import and export options providing enhanced flexibility, while reports make sure everything can be piled in an organized form.

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