Create small and medium custom tiles for the Start Menu and easily access all your applications with the help of this software utility.

  • TileIconifier
  • Version :2.2.6383.40902
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Johnathon M.

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TileIconifier Description

The Start Menu in both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 is a pretext for interactivity, letting users effortlessly navigate to the programs they rely on in their daily routine.

Still, if you want to customize the tiles it prompts you with, a third-party software utility is needed, with TileIconifier filling this niche since it can handle any program so that it becomes recognizable at a glance.

Helps you design custom tiles for the Start Menu

TileIconifier is a tool whose purpose is to design tailor-made icons for your icons in the Start Menu. You can extract an icon from the program you are handling and use it as a starting point or simply associate said app with an image from your own collection.

Once you have the application up and running, you are prompted with a list of all your installed software along with details as to whether or not their shortcut is custom, iconified, and pinned.

Lets you resize and align small and medium icons

You should know that you can create both medium and small icons, with the possibility of resizing and changing the alignment of the image it is based on. Using a background color to fine-tune your icon’s looks is on the feature list too, as this is the case of enabling light or dark foreground text, with the mention that applying changes to both types of icons simultaneously should raise no difficulty.

Aside from that, renaming your tile is possible, and in case you change your mind, the shortcut manager helps you delete any custom shortcuts that are no longer relevant to you.

Handy app embellishing your Start Menu

On an ending note, TileIconifier provides you with a fun means of customizing your Start Menu by creating sleek icons for all your installed programs. The tool lets you either extract your apps’ icons or build news ones from scratch, all in an intuitive GUI that is not intrusive in any way. Restoring shortcuts is possible at any point, so there are no irreversible tasks you can engage in.

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