Browse the Internet securely and anonymously via a secure and encrypted connection that keeps your activity and data safe from prying eyes.

  • tigerVPN
  • Version : 3.1.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Tiger At Work

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tigerVPN Description

While most users acknowledge the importance of antivirus protections, few are actually aware that sometimes you need to take things one step further and keep online activity safe from hackers, scammers and governmental snoops.

tigerVPN is a small piece of software that enables you to hide your IP or log in from various locations across the world to access content that is blocked in your region for various reasons.

Includes around 300 servers from all across the globe

The installation is quick, straightforward and you should not experience any special events. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a modern interface that features the world map and sliding menus. You can also access the tool from the System Tray to connect or disconnect to the server you set up as default.

The app provides you with a plethora of choices in terms of servers – especially since it covers over 24 countries and 6 continents – and you can navigate to the desired location swiftly. While you can establish a connection with just one click, you should keep in mind that based on your location, the server might have a higher latency.

Comes with OpenVPN and L2TP protocols

You should know that the program relies on OpenVPN to secure and anonymize your connection, as it is one of the most widely used protocols that can ensure a satisfactory security level. However, if you are not very happy with the speed of the connection and are willing to drop the security level slightly, you can switch to L2TP protocol.

Depending on how often you need to surf the Internet privately, you can define a favorite VPN node and configure the app to automatically connect to it upon system start. Moreover, you can make sure the app starts minimized, so it does not distract you from your tasks.

A handy tool that allows you to surf safe and privately

In case you want to make sure that your online activity and data remains anonymous or you just want to access content that is restricted in your geographic region for various reasons, then perhaps tigerVPN could lend you a hand.

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