Chat with your friends with this flexible application that allows you to communicate from your computer with people on mobile devices.

  • Tictoc
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SK Planet

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Tictoc Description

Tictoc is a lightweight application that can help users communicate and share documents from different platforms. The software allows users to log in with their Facebook accounts.

A good tool for chat enthusiasts

Smartphone users will find this resource highly useful, as it allows unhindered communication across various types of devices. A nice feature is that, once properly configured, the tool also allows desktop users to chat with others. This significantly increases the amount of potential users!

As one would expect, the resource comes with a very intuitive interface. The GUI is largely taken up by frames that contain the text messages exchanged between recipients. Buttons control all the navigation and no menus are present.

Comes with a custom files manager

It should be noted that all users must have the application installed in order for messages and files to be exchanged. Once all parties have installed and configured their respective program, users are free to add new friends, strike new conversations and share documents.

The latter option is one of the strong points of this program. All the files sent are stored in a special kind of history module, called TictocBox. File-type filters can be applied in order to highlight multimedia or text documents. Users are free to selectively download content received in the TictocBox, or just erase it.

Allows sending and receiving messages in a fresh environment

Chatting with friends is very enjoyable, as the program ships with numerous customized and highly expressive smileys. An interesting option is the free-form screen capture function, which allows users to swiftly send screenshots.

To sum up, Tictoc is an easy to use and visually appealing chat program that can help users communicate across platforms.

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