You can easily use this ticket tracking system for IT Help Desks and support centers, to facilitate the ticket resolving procedure.

  • TicketDesk
  • Version :2.1.4 / 2.5 Beta
  • License :Ms-PL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Stephen Redd

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TicketDesk Description

TicketDesk allows you to set up reliable ticket tracking system, suitable for various IT Help Desk businesses.

The application allows you to record issues and monitor their progress from the moment the ticket is created until it is resolved.

TicketDesk facilitates the communication between the technicians and the customers in a comfortable, non-inquisitive manner. The program is user oriented and uses a static workflow method for monitoring tickets.

The ticket audit can be performed regardless of their stage of progress. The program sorts the requests into several categories, based on their status of resolving.

The application opens in the local browser and features a modern looking interface, with clear commands and intuitive menus.

It supports storing emails and notifying you when important messages are sent/received. Moreover, you may easily follow tickets and mark the progress in their individual sheet.

The program records all the actions performed during any ticket resolving, which is why managers can use it for performance reporting.

It indicates which ticket is assigned to a particular user, the timestamp of each action, as well as a counter of managed tickets per day.

TicketDesk relies on a simple SQL database, which allows it to store large amounts of data, not only tickets but contact details as well.

The on-screen database management dashboard is designed for monitoring information entries, as well as migrating legacy databases or seeding test data.

The program supports working with several versions of Microsoft SQL Server, including Express and local database editions.

TicketDesk is a suitable solution for managing SQL Server memberships or role-based security and it can integrate with Windows authentication. It can work with Active Directory groups, but an indirect connection is supported.

System requirements

  • IIS 7 or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • SQL Server 2008 or higher
  • Visual Studio 2012 (for development)

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