Organize your activities and projects, and build your schedule with this management tool that relies on personal development and efficiency.

  • ThinkingRock
  • Version :3.7.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Avente

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ThinkingRock Description

With increasingly hectic and stressful lives, it can be difficult for people to focus on a single task and manage various projects and ideas. ThinkingRock is a program that allows users to manage both their personal and professional projects in an attempt to minimize multitasking, making it possible to focus more clearly on daily activities and reducing stress.

A slightly pretentious idea that masks what the program really is, a time management tool

With ThinkingRock, there is a lot of talk about energy and personal development that implies that application is doing something far more advanced than it actually is. When all is said and done, ThinkingRock is a personal organization tool that helps users schedule their activities to improve efficiency, that is all.

The focus on describing ThinkingRock as some energy focusing tool is an overly flamboyant and unnecessary way of trying attribute the program with a more features than it actually offers. The personal development aspect of the ThinkingRock is not significant and the new age description actually detracts from the useful nature of the application. There is nothing wrong with ThinkingRock being an organizational aid and nothing more.

A varied set of features, with an incredibly complicated set of options and customization tools

The main features of ThinkingRock are organizational tools that allow the management of personal and professional projects, with goals, thoughts and topics able to be created for any subject. The design is not commonly seen and for those who want a management solution that can be applied to all aspects of their life, it offers some advantages.

There is a huge range of options to go with ThinkingRock, such as synchronizing aspects with the interactive calendar, exporting options, time management settings and so on. Though, the complicated nature of the ThinkingRock ends up providing a counter intiutive effect. Despite ThinkingRock being designed to help declutter peoples lives and focus their minds, the application requires a lot of dedication and concentration to properly use, in effect making peoples lives arguably more complicated.

A useful tool that wants to be more than it is, instead of embracing its nature

The problem with ThinkingRock is it wants to be a life changing tool that will help people focus themselves and see themselves clearly, though the application is just an advancemented personal management tool. All in all, ThinkingRock can’t really deliver on the mind clearing effect it promises, but can deliver on better time management, increased efficiency and personal planning, if users are prepared to work.

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