An utility that can easily display a wide range of detailed information about your system’s configuration and how resources are used.

  • thilmera7
  • Version :0b145
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Tsuruki Sasato

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thilmera7 Description

Keeping track of system performance and monitoring various components of the hardware configuration is an important aspect.

thilmera7 is an application capable of performing this task and does it quite well. It’s a real-time monitoring app that you can place anywhere on your computer screen and have it relay detailed information about your memory, drive, network, CPU, GPU, processes, sound and other miscellaneous aspects.

All the controls and options for the application are made available from a right-click context menu. There you can find the ‘Properties’ panel from where you are able to toggle and view all the aspects you wish to monitor. From the same menu, you also give your computer sleep, reboot or shutdown commands, among others.

The thilmera7 properties panel looks a bit clustered and at first you might find it difficult to locate and activate the features you need. The same applies to the main window that actually displays all the computer information. Luckily, the latter can be fully customized in terms of window size, displayed font, colors and style. This makes the monitoring application usable on virtually all types of displays.

In case you have trouble configuring the application, you can use its wizard feature to quickly and easily monitor the components of the computer that present interest. You can also issue hotkey commands for the application that can toggle or remove various information from the main window.

When monitoring various aspects of your hard drive, it’s important that you get to create and export reports. You are able to generate them based on Windows activity, create snapshots for processes, view display settings and system information. Moreover, you can grab a screenshot that contains the main window of the application along with all the other items present on your desktop.

All-in-all, of you’re willing to spend a few minutes to get to know its interface and how to operate it, then thilmera7 is the right system monitoring tool for you.

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