Let this simple tool assist you while writing theses, since it can help you configure the layout of essays and insert references.

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ThesesAssistDrawer Description

ThesesAssistDrawer is a small, yet reliable tool that can help you configure the layout of your paper, thesis or science article. The application offers a set of shortcuts to creating quick captions or cross-references for pictures, tables or equations. The program works with Microsoft Word documents.

Create quick captions for example figures

ThesesAssistDrawer allows you to reduce the time spent arranging images, tables, equations and the afferent captions in your paper. The tool allows you to generate captions for one or several items at the same time, as well as create double captions for a particular figure.

The application allows you to insert quick captions to either of the selected items in your document or create specific titles for pictures, tables and equations. The Auto-insert captions tool allows you to create the tag at the same time with pasting the figure in the document. Additionally, the Auto-change figure size function can instantly resize the selected item when the capture is created.

Cross-reference items or pieces of text

ThesesAssistDrawer also allows you to generate complex cross-references with only a few mouse clicks. The program can capture the reference, then create a link to a different area in the same document, similar to bookmarks. You may use the Create CR and Insert CR in order to perform the task.

ThesesAssistDrawer is a bundle of shortcuts that can help you with certain actions when writing a document in Microsoft Word. The assistant can only work with these types of documents. Moreover, you may change the program’s location on the screen, in order to have the shortcuts at close hand.

Focus your time on content

ThesesAssistDrawer allows you to reduce the time spent creating captions or cross-references in your document. Instead, you can focus on writing and configure the paper’s layout within seconds, using this simple tool. You may create captions and cross-references, as well as quickly edit them.

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