The Great Suspender for Chrome

Reduce Chrome’s memory footprint with the help of this useful extension that can suspend tabs while constantly keeping an eye on your browsing session.

  • The Great Suspender for Chrome
  • Version :6.30
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :deanoemcke

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The Great Suspender for Chrome Description

One of the most vivid nightmares hunting multitaskers is having their computer so cluttered that they are unable to add at least two or three extra assignments to their current list of activities.

Joking aside, if you are the kind of user who exploits their browser to the fullest, you probably know that the program could reach a point when its memory footprint becomes a series issue. For this sort of scenarios, an addon such as The Great Suspender for Chrome might come in handy since it offers to manage your tabs in a smart way.

User-friendly addon that can reduce Chrome’s memory footprint

As mentioned, The Great Suspender is a Chrome extension designed to reduce the burden imposed on your browser when you are overloading it with tasks. To be more specific, what it does is suspend tabs you select in order to enhance your computer’s performance.

In order to start seeing the Chrome addon in action, all you need to do is click on its icon in the toolbar, which should provide you with a series of options letting you suspend the tab you are currently in, delay the action, or exclude the website you are visiting from the list of suspendable items altogether.

Lets you suspend tabs that are currently not in use

What’s more, you can suspend or unsuspend all the other tabs simultaneously, which offers you a high degree of control over what is happening in the browser.

Besides, the “Settings” section comes with some extra goodies. More precisely, it allows you to schedule tasks and indicate at which interval you want tabs to be suspended, as well as specify whether or not you allow pinned tabs as well as those containing unsaved form inputs to be affected.

There is also the possibility of assigning hotkeys to a series of actions, along with the option to easily manage your session. You can easily export or save your current session as well as reload all the tabs you opened at a specific point.

Handy Chrome extension helping you neatly manage all your tabs

All in all, The Great Suspender for Chrome is a useful piece of software that should make your browsing experience lightweight. It can reduce your currently irrelevant tabs to silence, letting you wake them with a mouse click, which means the addon helps you better manage the resources used by your browser.

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