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Keep a close eye on the state of the local weather, as well as the outdoor conditions in other cities all over the world with this application.

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The Desktop Weather Description

The Desktop Weather is a simple to use tool that brings the meteorological state and forecast to your desktop. You can stay informed on the state of the weather at any time, by simply clicking the program’s shortcut. Moreover, you may view the outdoor temperature forecast for the next three days.

Simple to use weather desktop client

The Desktop Weather can bring information on the meteorological conditions in a small, quick to access window on your desktop. The tool works as a client for the AccuWeather online service and can retrieve information regarding minimum and maximum temperature, humidity and the forecast for the next three days.

The application assigns various weather description symbols to each reading, indicating the state of expected precipitation. There are separate symbols for day and night: such as partial sunshine, clouds, rain, wind, cloudy/clear night. The level of humidity, expressed in percentage, indicates the chances of rain.

Weather in various locations

The Desktop Weather is designed to automatically detect your location by reading the system information. The tool requires constant Internet connection, in order to correctly update the weather information.

However, the program only allows you to view the weather in a city from the three supported countries: Brazil, Thailand and Japan. You may choose one of several cities available for each country.

Selecting the Current Location option redirects to the first city in the list of supported locations, regardless of the Time Zone you selected for your computer.

Maximum and minimum expected temperatures

The data displayed by The Desktop Weather is not the current temperature recorded in your location, instead the tool indicates the expected minimum and maximum values. The application runs in the background, leaving an icon in the system tray, which you may click on for detailed information. Otherwise you may read the name of the city and the expected temperature interval by simply hovering the cursor over the program’s icon.

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