TFS Media Player

A simple to use application that is capable of rendering both audio and video files, in normal, original view or in full screen mode.

  • TFS Media Player
  • Version:
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Bazooka Studios

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TFS Media Player Description

TFS Media Player is a uncomplicated software, capable of rendering a series of media files, both video and audio. It can playback multimedia files in normal view, in full screen or display randomized visual effects while playing music. The software is small, simple and features a clear-cut interface.

Reliable media player

As functionality goes, TFS Media Player is reliable, since it can play both audio and video files in highest available quality, for sound or image. It can display a dynamic visual effect, that changes according to the rhythm, when playing songs and the image when loading videos. The software supports two viewing modes: the original resolution or full screen.

TFS Media Player cannot resize the image of the video file to a custom value, but it does allow you to watch a movie in full screen, by double tapping the displaying area. The software features a series of basic commands, such as play, pause, stop, resume volume control, playback progress bar. Additionally, you may rewind the video/audio or fast forward it, while the playback is active.

Playing individual files

While TFS Media Player offers you a reliable multimedia file rendering tool, it does not consider the user comfort. The software can only play one file at a time, meaning that when the playback is over, you need to manually load the next file, from its storage folder. The drag and drop option is disabled and the software does not filter the files in the Open window, in order to display only the supported items.

In other words, it is unclear which file formats are or are not supported by TFS Media Player. Also, it cannot create a playlist.

Media player with potential

TFS Media Player is easy to use and uncomplicated. However, it misses a few basic tools that could improve the user’s experience with it. The software could benefit from a playlist creator and the file format filter could. Otherwise, it is reliable, portable and rather lightweight, being easy to transfer to a removable memory device, for instance.

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