Hear any text read out loud by a robotic male or female voice, save the text or the narration to file, adjust the speech rate, and more.

  • Textify+
  • Version :2.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Vision.inc

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Textify+ Description

Textify+is a reliable program that allows you to transform any text in the English language to speech. The application can recite the text as soon as you type or paste it in the designated area and allows you to modify the rendering speed. Moreover, you can save the recitation to an audio file, to your computer.

Text to speech in a few seconds

Textify+ allows you to quickly convert lines of text into a recitation, which you can play straight from the application or save it as an audio file. The program allows you to select which type of voice you wish to use for the text-to-speech transformation, either male or female. Additionally, you can adjust the speed of the recitation.

By default, the speed is set to the lowest level, which represents a normal recitation flow. Small pauses are being made when the voice reaches the end of the written line.

Once you added the text into the designated box, you can either listen to the recitation or save it to your computer as an audio file. MP3, WAV, WMA, MMF, M4P, MSV, M4A formats are supported.

Colorful and simple to use interface

One of the most striking features of this software application is its vividly colored interface and the large sized font that you use to create the text. While the interface is visually appealing, the main window cannot be resized, nor can the font be decreased. However, the application allows you to scroll through the lines and read them while listening to the recitation.

Scrolling bug

Textify+ allows you to manually type the text in the designated area, paste it from clipboard or import a local document (.TXT, .DOCX, .RTF, .ANS, .XWP and more). The application allows you to listen to the spoken text, save it as an audio file, then when your project is finished, you can clear the text with one click.

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