Find text strings of interest inside plain text files or programming projects, set up identification method, and replacement filters with this app.

  • TexFinderX
  • Version :2.50b
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :iXoft

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TexFinderX Description

Chances are you want to find a bit of text on your computer, and you want to find it fast, and even to replace it. Windows Search can take a little while, and can be difficult to configure in this regard. Luckily, there are various specialized applications like TexFinderX, which also serve in programming projects.

Perks of a portable app

One of the major advantages is portability, because you can use the application from the moment download is done, and you can do this on other computers directly from a USB flash drive. More than that, it doesn’t leave any traces on the target PC, because it doesn’t need to modify registry entries to ensure functionality.

Although you might find the interface a little complex at first, a little patience solves everything. There are different tabs which show the list of files to process, identified items, as well as those which got replaced. You can choose to process a single file, or the content of an entire folder at the same time.

File support and filter setup

There are different default filters to use, such as CSS, CSV, HTML, JS, LUA, PHP, TXT, and XML, which makes it quite practical for fixing errors inside code files, or replacing structures entirely. Moreover, the search algorithm can be set to look up invalid HTML characters, which is quite practical in web development.

Setting up filters isn’t really a big deal, with a couple of fields which let you insert search and replace term. Special search can be used instead of plain text to identify ASCII or invalid HTML. Additional parameters help narrow down results by enabling case sensitivity, or using RegEx.

In conclusion

Bottom line is that replacing text inside multiple documents can be quite a frequent activity, and TexFinderX is sure to meet most of your demands. It comes with an impressive variety of features, focused on both plain text, as well as programming, with support for various file types, and an abundance of filters to configure.

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