Determine the quality of the drinking or swimming water based on some general and specialized parameters, like CI, pH, alkalinity, temperature, pool color and size.

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TestWater Description

TestWater is a small and useful piece of software that comes in handy when you want to calculate the quality of the water you consume daily or the one from the pool.

Find out your water’s Langelier Saturation Index

The app comes in the form of an executable file that doesn’t require any installation in order to run. However, make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework present on your personal computer and all the other PCs you might run the tool, or it won’t start.

Since TestWater is portable it can be carried on a thumb drive and launched on any computer. The provided layout is simple and consists of a single window that packs all the necessary functions to calculate the water’s quality.

Set up your own water rules

If you plan on using the app for personal purpose, the offered default rules can help you determine the quality of your water with ease. However, if you are a pool technician, chemist, water special or a pool shop, you have the option to create your own rules from the “Options” menu. The tool lets you set up to 50 rules.

Fill in the pH and chlorine values

Plus, you can change the database location to be on an external drive or your personal system. Before using TestWater, you first have to make the required measurements, such as pool size, running time, temperature or pH, and write them down on a piece of paper or a sticky note.

Enter the owned pool equipment and water state

In addition, you can pick the pool’s surface (e.g. concrete, aggregate, marble), the current water state (clear, cloudy, green, brown, stained), and if you have any additional water equipment, such as sand filter, salt chlorinator or pool cleaner.

View the report of your pool’s water quality

Once everything is set, just click on the “Test” button and the app determines the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) that can be corrosive, balanced or scaling. The report is opened in your default web browser and printed out.

Small yet powerful water tester and LSI calculator

On an ending note, TestWater is a reliable application designed to help you, pool technicians or water specialists to determine the water quality from different pools, which is represented by Langelier Saturation Index. You can set your own pool and measurement rules.

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