A simple to use application that can help you delete data from your disk drives directly from your computer or via a remote device.

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Terminator Description

Terminator is a simple to use, yet powerful tool that enables you to permanently erase data from your system’s drives in a quick and safe manner, without tampering with the basic functions or attributes of the disks.

Remote cleaner

You can use the software to erase data directly from your disk drives or to connect to your computer from a remote source. You may set the software to perform the disk cleaning or erasure automatically, without having direct access to your system. You may connect to your computer from a mobile phone or even through a local network.

You need only select the drive you wish to clean, or a specific folder and copy the path or the specified item to one of the two blocks representing actions that can be taken. You can assign different actions to the two blocks, for instance “Erase” to Block A and “Exit” to Block B, so the location you specify in either of them is subjected to the action they represent.

Set lists and actions

A list is a set of locations, such as files, folders or drives, that you assign to one of the two action blocks. Simply drag and drop the items from the left menu to either Block A or Block B. Each of the blocks can be associated with a specific action.

Thus, you may set or modify the process to be performed by each block, from the Actions tab. You may define the actions, such as “Erase Block A” or “Clear Block B”. You can preview the changes that you made by clicking the Test button located in the left lower corner.

Events and networks

The software can perform certain processes automatically, if scheduled, or if specific events are matched. The events can be either the passing of a certain amount of time, the modification of a file’s condition, some hot keys being pressed or a command coming from the local network.

Terminator enables you to remotely connect to your system via a local network, which means certain settings must be made in advanced. You need to specify the network port, your credentials as a user or an administrator and the server’s IP. Additionally you may set the software to prompt specified system processes, as well as save action logs.


Terminator is a useful tool that you can use in order to clean your disk drives via a remote device or network command, as well as perform actions like shut computer down, reboot, shut down active processes or close connection to a local network. The software can help you perform the specified actions manually or you can schedule it to act automatically.

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