Terminal Services Manager

Monitor the activity of remote users on your network by relying on this comprehensive application that features event viewer and service management support.

  • Terminal Services Manager
  • Version :2.7.0 Build 132
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Lizard Systems

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Terminal Services Manager Description

Working as a network administrator requires you to constantly monitor the user activity for computers that are part of your network and doing so can be difficult without a proper tool.

Fortunately, nowadays you can choose from a large variety of software solutions that can help you simplify your work. One of these apps is Terminal Services Manager.

Quick setup

You can install this application on your computer quickly since it does not require you to perform any additional configuration steps. You just need to define an installation path and follow the on-screen instructions.

It features a comprehensive user interface that encompasses numerous functions and organizes them neatly, thus enabling you to access them in an effortless manner. However, since it is a complex tool, you need to have advanced computer knowledge in order to understand and operate it efficiently.

Network resource monitor

Terminal Services Manager can help you monitor remote user activity and network resource usage in a quick, convenient manner. When you first run it, you are prompted to perform a network scan in order to discover every computer on your network.

The application automatically assigns detected PCs to already existing groups, but it is also possible that you can create new categories, for a richer management experience.

Remote desktop access

Aside from its resource monitoring capabilities, this program also provides you with numerous other components that can be relevant to your work. Some of them are remote desktop access, computer management, service management, event viewer and shared folders.

Therefore, this application provides you with a rather wide spectrum of functions that you can rely on.

Powerful network resource monitor with remote access functions

To sum it up, Terminal Services Manager is a handy, reliable application that can help you simplify your work as a network administrator by providing you with a wide variety of tools. It comes with a comprehensive user interface that encompasses numerous functions. However, if you do not have advanced PC operating skills, it might be difficult for you to benefit from its abilities entirely.

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