Tenorshare PDF Password Recovery Professional

A comprehensive and reliable software utility worth having when you need to unlock encrypted PDF documents and recover all the passwords with minimum effort.

  • Tenorshare PDF Password Recovery Professional
  • Version : Build 1889
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :tenorshare

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Tenorshare PDF Password Recovery Professional Description

If you store your data in secure PDF documents, you always run the risk of forgetting your password and losing access to valuable information.

Tenorshare PDF Password Recovery Professional is a straightforward utility that may help you in this scenario, as it can recover user and owner passwords, enabling you to open and edit your PDF files.

Retrieve lost PDF passwords

Once you have loaded the protected document, the application performs a preliminary assessment, to detect the type of encryption used and the password’s complexity. When you begin the recovery process, the program displays the total number of checked keys and the average search speed.

Given that the retrieval operation can take a considerable amount of time, you can have the application shut itself down automatically once the job has been completed.

Can generate and check random passwords

Depending on the type of password used to encrypt the documents, one of the included retrieval methods may yield the best results.

The application can perform a brute-force attack, employing all possible character combinations to try and uncover your passkey.

However, you can also apply various filters, reducing the job’s duration. You can enter a minimal and maximal length and specify a prefix and suffix. Additionally, you can choose which characters the program should use to create random passwords, including or excluding letters, numbers or symbols.

Search for specific words

Tenorshare PDF Password Recovery Professional can also extract terms from a separate document. This method can prove to be more successful if the password consists of identifiable words.

The application includes a dictionary file upon installation, but you can also insert a custom one should you, for example, need to recover a password written in another language.

Overall, this is a potentially invaluable tool, as it enables you to retrieve lost passwords used to encrypt PDF documents. If offers multiple recovery methods and allows you to modify various processing settings.

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