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Search for your favorite topic using several search providers by turning to this lightweight application that features a user-friendly interface.

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Tell Me About… Store App Description

If you like keeping yourself updated or just enjoy assimilating information about various topics, you probably understand how powerful the Internet can be in this situation.

However, if you do not have a reliable search engine, you might consider using third-party applications, such as Tell Me About… Store App, which can provide you with better results.

Non-complicated setup

This program is available as a Windows Store application, therefore installing it on your computer can be accomplished with minimum difficulty, since no additional configuration is required.

The only necessary steps are accessing its product page on the Store utility and hit the Install button, as the rest of the process is performed automatically.

Simple, user-friendly interface

Making use of this program’s capabilities can be done in an effortless manner, since it comes with a simple, user-friendly interface that encompasses a handful of intuitive functions.

Tell Me About… Store App features a rudimentary configuration pane that enables you to customize a couple of parameters: the default results language and the number of items fetched with data providers.

Multiple search engines

This program lets you perform searches using various providers, including Wikipedia, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter or DuckDuckGo. In order to perform a search, you just need to click the Start Searching button and type the desired subject in the corresponding field. The results are displayed directly on the main window.

Selecting an item displays a preview lets you open the entire article in your browser by clicking the gear-shaped button and choosing the corresponding option from the list. On the downside, during our testing, we could not receive any results from YouTube, SlideShare or twitter. The application displayed either a “Provider error” or a “No result found” message instead of the expected results.

Handy search tool with multiple sources, some of which are not functional

To wrap it up, Tell Me About… Store App is a lightweight application that lets you search for information about your favorite subjects using multiple providers. It can be easily installed on your computer, comes with a user-friendly interface, but, unfortunately, some of the providers do not provide you with the expected feedback.

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