A lightweight and easy to use SIP call recorder and CDR generator that you can use to keep track of all the conversations you have on a computer.

  • TekTape
  • Version : 2.3.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :KaplanSoft

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TekTape Description

SIP or Session Initiation Protocols enable you to make and receive voice calls using softphones from just about any computer that is connected to a network. SIP software is commonly found and proves to be very handy to a lot of people.

TekTape is a tool designed to work with the previously mentioned application type in order to provide a simple way in which you can record a phone call made through a SIP communication protocol and generate CDR entries.

Highly comprehensive interface

TekTape is meant to be a purpose focused tool as its interface leaves no room for misunderstanding or confusion of any kind. It’s comprised out of a single tabbed window which grants quick access to all the application features and settings.

Within a few clicks you are able to choose the network interface to monitor, create recording filters, view a list of all the captured material as well as the call detail records.

Record SIP calls with one click

TekTape comes with a very efficient method for recording your calls. Once you select the audio device through which the call passes, all you have to do is click the ‘Start’ button and the application takes care of the rest.

Once a call is initiated, you get to view the caller name, user agent and the time when the conversation started. The application also displays the number of active calls and recorded ones, and gives you the option to choose whether you want to generate CDR or not.

If you want to view details about any of the calls you make, then you can access that information from the CDR tab. From there you are able to view data about the call initiator, source, destination address, recording date and time, along with the cause code.


To sum things up, TekTape is easy to use by both experienced and inexperienced users and can record SIP calls from a wide range of devices.

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