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Create your own private TeamSpeak server, manage connections, permissions, security and more, with this helpful software utility.

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TeamSpeak Server Description

TeamSpeak is a very popular voice chat application that enables you to communicate with friends over the Internet. However, if you wish to use it without renting a server, you can try a tool that allows you to create your own.

TeamSpeak Server is provided separately from the client application and can be used to host numerous client connections while offering support for virtual server instancing. However, it should be noted that the provided documentation is rather scarce. This utility is best suited for those who have experience creating and managing servers, as novices may find its functions difficult to understand.

Supports virtual servers

The application offers a useful feature, allowing multiple server instances to be run within a single process on a server. Upon launching the program, a virtual voice server is automatically created, unless a particular command-line parameter is specified.

Subsequent instances can be launched manually. These are all marked by a unique identifier, making it impossible for an identical virtual instance to be started within another server process.

Optimized for command-line usage

TeamSpeak Server is designed to be operated from the command shell and offers a wide array of parameters that can be altered.

You can open ports, specify the IP on which the server should listen for voice connections, create virtual servers, as well as manage permissions and security.

Lacks proper documentation

This is not an application aimed at novices, as a certain degree of technical knowledge is required to understand and take advantage of the program’s features.

It is unfortunate that the included documentation is inadequate, as some users may find the process of running their own server rather frustrating.

Overall, TeamSpeak Server is a handy tool that allows you to create and manage a TeamSpeak server on your computer. However, it lacks adequate documentation and is definitely not user-friendly, contrasting with the intuitiveness of the client application.

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