TeamSpeak SDK

Create and test out your own VoIP application in a flexible, scalable and secure environment using the Official TeamSpeak Software Development Kit.

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TeamSpeak SDK Description

TeamSpeak is a voice-over-IP service that enables you to chat with other users similarly to a conference call. The popularity of the application stems from the fact that it is extremely easy to set up and you only need a headset and a microphone to use it. While the requirements are minimal, you should know that the voice communication capabilities as well as text chat are quite impressive.

Since the application is designed to support advanced codec implementation, the developer offers a complete integrated solution for anyone interested in building or testing VoIP apps. TeamSpeak SDK is a platform that incorporates all the resources you need to design a voice solution on your own.

The program uses the same technology used for TeamSpeak and allows you complete control over the network’s infrastructure. Therefore, you can take advantage of the stability of the platform as well as quality control to reduce the potential errors and points of failures to a minimum.

If you did not work with a feature-rich and comprehensive platforms such as this before, do not fret as the utility comes with extensive documentation where you can check out all the features you can use. In addition, the SDK features a plethora of source code examples that you can just copy paste into your app. Moreover, it includes ready-made servers that you can launch and close seamlessly, so you can save a lot of time when it comes to testing the application you are working on.

You should know that the platform is scalable and hence, you can be sure that the resources available increase according to your project’s demand. It goes without saying that you can benefit from enhanced security features, such as server and client authentication and per-channel AES encryption of voice data.

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