TeamPlayer PRO

Use multiple mice and keyboards on a single PC and work with other people on various projects by assigning a set of input devices to each user, with this nifty application.

  • TeamPlayer PRO
  • Version :4.1.4
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DicoLab bv

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TeamPlayer PRO Description

While it is certainly possible to connect multiple input devices to your computer, they can only be used alternatively, which is not ideal when several people need to work together.

TeamPlayer PRO is a straightforward application that enables multiple people to control the same computer at the same time, using individual cursors, each attached to a separate set of input devices.

Easy-to-use application that can be set up in no time

You may be expecting the configuration procedure to be rather complex, but this could not be further from the truth. As long as all the necessary input devices are connected to your PC, you can just open TeamPlayer PRO and launch a collaboration session immediately.

Of course, there are advanced settings that can be customized. You can, for instance, alter the size and speed of the mouse cursors, enable or disable labels and set up a hotkey for starting and ending sessions.

Collaborate on various projects from the same PC

Once a session has been launched, each user is given control of a separate cursor. If you choose to enable this function, the pointers are assigned specific colors and labels, making them easier to identify.

If multiple keyboards are connected, they are each paired with one of the available mice. To ensure the right devices are paired, you only need to click anywhere on the desktop and press some keys at the same time.

The administrator has the option of limiting the other users to a certain area of the screen or giving them full access. If you decide that restrictions are necessary, you can resize and move the bounding box freely to determine which sections of the desktop the participants should be allowed to access.

Useful, novice-friendly application that can help teams work together

In conclusion, TeamPlayer PRO is a powerful and intuitive software solution that makes it possible for multiple people to control the same computer using separate input devices. It is very simple to configure, and it also offers extensive documentation.

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