Team Task Manager

Ensure effective team collaboration and group communication for projects, as well as monitor task assignment, progress with this program.

  • Team Task Manager
  • Version :2.33
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DeskShare

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Team Task Manager Description

Team Task Manager is a reliable tool that can come in handy when working on a project with a large team. The program facilitates team communication, task monitoring and the access to a common data pool, which is ensured through the connection to the dedicated server.

Manage tasks and teams

Team Task Manager features a rather friendly interface and allows you to handle complex organizational activities in a simplified manner. You can view the list of required tasks, the team assignation, as well as a Gantt chart, representing the timeline.

The tasks are displayed in a comprehensive table in the main window of the program, along with their status, completion level, assigned team, start and due date. The program features separate columns each dedicated to an indicator.

You may thus easily view tasks marked as important, critical, high risk or needs discussion, for instance. Comments and attachments are indicated by specific markers if they are available.

Tabbed data organizing

Team Task Manager features several tabs designed to help you organize your information. The Projects tab is where you can view the details table, the Gantt chart and the console of tasks assigned by/to you. Notes is where you can create and save various types of documents while Reports is where you can view the number of items assigned to each user.

The User Management tab is where you can view all the team members who are involved in the project. As an administrator, you can add new members and modify the permissions of the existing users.

Task management and program security

Team Task Manager features a comprehensive toolbar that allows you to access useful functions, such as task editing, mark completion, create filters or indicate dependencies. The interface is customizable, meaning that you can show/hide toolbars or panels, based on your preferences. Moreover, each user is assigned a name and a password in order to access the database.

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