TDMore Free DVD Copy

A powerful application designed to help you copy the contents of any DVD onto your computer, especially from video discs, in a short time.

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TDMore Free DVD Copy Description

TDMore Free DVD Copy is a comprehensive software that is capable of creating backups for your DVDs, by copying their contents to your computer, to an ISO image or to another disc. The software is powerful, fast in ripping DVD content and easy to use. Its friendly interface allows you to work in a comfortable environment.

Copy DVD contents to your computer

TDMore Free DVD Copy allows you to extract the contents for any DVD, whether they are data or video discs, then copy them to another location. You can select an ISO image, a local folder or another disc, if your computer supports this type of configuration. The software features two modes of copying the data from a DVD.

You may choose between the ‘Full Disc’ and ‘Main Movie’ functions. The first one allows you to easily and quickly rip the entire contents of the original movie DVD, including menus, extras, commercials or bonus content. The latter feature implies lossless copy of the main movie only, to the selected location. Moreover, the software supports copying contents in size of DVD9 or DVD5. This option determines the rate of compression applied to the output files.

Duplicate and backup a DVD

TDMore Free DVD Copy is suitable for transferring the contents of a DVD from one disc to another within the same process. It allows you to set the folder for the temporary files, shutdown the computer when the copying is finished, as well as select the writing speed, or the maximum size dedicated to the DVD9/DVD5 options.

Moreover, the software features a built in video player, so you can view the main movie before ripping the DVD. You may choose whether or not to copy available subtitles, preserve menus, as well as if to extract the main movie or the secondary titles.

Reliable and powerful DVD ripping tool

With TDMore Free DVD Copy, you can easily extract the contents of the selected disc and save them to your computer, to ISO or to another DVD. The software can perform the process in a quick way, can apply several types of compression, as well as allows you to copy the entire disc or just the main movie.

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