Become familiar with the types of questions you are likely to receive on the admittance examination for your college of choice with this tool.

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TCY-PTE Description

TCY-PTE is an application designed for students who are preparing for important exams and that want to determine whether they are prepared for the incoming test.

Comes with a nonintrusive and sleek interface

First off, you should know that you need to have an account on the TCY Learning Solutions website in order to access the contents of the application and check out the available tests. Once you log in, you can access the available tests and proceed to complete them.

Depending on the topic you are interested in, the program can provide you with distinct types of practice tests. For instance, you can undergo speaking, listening, reading and writing tests for the English practice examination. The utility comes with an appealing, yet minimalistic and clean interface that is easy to navigate.

While the appearance causes minimal distractions from the task at hand, it would have been nice if it enabled you to pause the exam at any time and included a quick access button for the main window readily available.

Allows you to analyze your study progress in depth

It is important to note that the program enables you to monitor your study progress on the developer’s website. By accessing My Analytics, you can check out the tests you have taken over time and get an overall idea about where you stand.

The utility enables you to preview percentages of the completed tests, the accuracy of your answers as well as the average time you need to complete the examination. It would have been nice if the tool allowed you to access this information from without an Internet connection and stored your result and progress offline.

A learning utility that can keep students motivated

In the eventuality that you are preparing for the admittance examination and take your first step into building a satisfying and rewarding career, then perhaps TCY-PTE could lend you a hand with getting accustomed and practicing for the tests.

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