Integrate and display a customizable view of the current date and time in any active window by using this lightweight, useful application.

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TBDT Description

When you work on time-consuming projects, you might turn your full attention to the active window and ignore certain background items, such as the clock or calendar display. Adding them to the area where your eyes spend the most time can prove to be a useful thing to do, therefore you might want to resort to third-party software in order to achieve that.

TBDT is a useful application that can help you integrate a display of the current date and time in your title bar in a fast and easy manner.

Flat user interface

Although it features various customization options, this utility comes with an unattractive design. By default, TBDT displays the time and date on a lime green background next to your active window’s Minimize button.

You can change this application’s default colors by accessing the Settings window and modify the specific parameters. However, you should be aware that only a part of the color picker menu is displayed, therefore some of them cannot be selected.

This tool might not be displayed correctly on every window, as sometimes it can randomly change position, overlaying the name of your window, and occasionally you can view it on inactive windows, as well.

Several customizable values

TBDT’s Settings window allows you to customize this utility in multiple ways. For instance, you can choose to abbreviate, hide or fully display certain elements (weekdays or months), add custom numerical separators and toggle the program to display seconds.

Aside from the basic configuration window, you can also access an advanced section where you can adjust more in-depth attributes. For instance, you can reposition the tool in normal or maximized windows by specifying number values. More so, it is possible for you to define a list of programs that TBDT displays date and time information on.

Simple date and time utility

This application can provide you with basic date and time by integrating them to your active windows.

In conclusion, if you spend a lot of time working on a single window and consider that viewing the time and date on your title bar is useful, you can rely on TBDT.

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