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TBarCode/SAPwin Description

TEC-IT’s Barcode DLL for SAP is a software extension for SAPlpd, SAPsprint and SAPGUI (SAPWIN DLL). With the help of this barcode DLL for SAP you print barcodes on all printers without additional hardware. Using this extension for SAPsprint and SAPlpd, you will be able to print linear and 2D bar codes on any printer immediately.

PRINT ALL BARCODES WITH SAP The Barcode DLL TBarCode/SAPwin, prints barcodes in perfect quality with all SAP systems (SAP R/3, mySAP ERP, SAP ECC, …). Barcode printers, bar code fonts or costly bar-code extensions are not required! TBarCode/SAPwin is the ideal SAP barcode extension – it offers complete barcode support and 100% printer-independence.

PRINTER INDEPENDENCE The product integrates seamless into the SAP printing process. It enhances all printers, which are used with SAPlpd, SAPsprint or the SAPWIN.DLL with bar code functionality. Upgrading printers with cost-intensive extensions like SIMM’s or DIMM’s is not required.

EASY INSTALLATION AND DEPLOYMENT TBarCode/SAPwin is installed with a few mouse clicks as barcode plug-in for SAPlpd and SAPsprint. Automatic enterprise-wide deployment and server-based installations are a matter of seconds. MINIMAL MAINTENANCE When printing the pre-defined barcodes of SAP, no customization is required. Adding or changing your own barcodes (barcode print-controls) is possible within minutes. NO CHANGES A modification of existing SAPscript or SmartForm forms is not required.

System requirements

  • SAPLPD 2.1 (SAPR/3 Release 2.2)
  • SAPsprint V1.0.0.1
  • SAPWIN.dll V1.0.0.6

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