TATEMS 20/20

An advanced and efficient application designed to help you manage and keep track of the important maintenance dates of your fleet of vehicles.

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TATEMS 20/20 Description

TATEMS 20/20 is an advanced and complex piece of software tailored to make the management of a fleet of vehicles much easier.

Basic interface

Although the program is quite complex, its graphic user interface looks simple and uncomplicated, reducing the resources footprint a database like this would usually require.

The charts you can create for each vehicle are disposed in multiple tabs, so you can quickly find the information you need for a specific vehicle.

Detailed charts for each vehicle

With TATEMS 20/20, you can record detailed information about a specific vehicle, which can then be accessed anytime by using the search function of the application.

On each chart, you have fields for the year of the fabrication, the model of the vehicle, the engine, license plate number, the type of fuel it consumes, odometer date, the last time the vehicle has been in maintenance or the date of the last inspection.

The chart of each vehicle is constituted of many tabs for more detailed information about repairs, changed parts, service, technical inspections, tires, wheels and many more, allowing you to have a complete history of the vehicle.

Complete customers database

Not only TATEMS 20/20 records information about your fleet of vehicles, but you can also create a detailed database of clients, which can contain their names, addresses and contact information.

Also, you can create a database of your personnel, where you can record their name, phone numbers, addresses, the date of their last physical check, their job and other personal information.

Easily backup your data

Being that you you can get to work with enormous amount of information stored on your drives, it is always advised to backup your files.

TATEMS 20/20 allows you to easily create a backup of the database you have built by using the application, keeping all the information safe.

Easy to use fleet manager

To conclude, TATEMS 20/20 is a complex, yet easy to operate application that helps you efficiently manage a fleet of vehicles by recording a large amount of information about your trucks, personnel and clients.

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