Store all relevant information about the stock market in one place and track your investments and earnings from trading using this app.

  • TakeStock
  • Version : 2.0 Release 49
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ravi Bhavnani

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TakeStock Description

Whether you like to recognize it or not, your stock’s progress ultimately depends on the general market trends, weather, time of the year, various news from all across the globe and even a random statement made by a local politician. Regardless of the type of stocks you buy and sell, making a living from trading usually means being up to date and keeping things neatly organized.

TakeStock is a small application designed to aid you organize your various stock portfolios in a manner that permits you to make inspired decisions that can bring you a profit.

Intuitive and well-organized interface

Despite its plain looks, the interface is user-friendly and you can navigate through the functions seamlessly, even if you are not a stock market savvy. It could be the fact that it is resizable, but the GUI remains clean irrespective of the number of portfolios you introduce to the list.

The main window consists of 2 panels, one where you can preview your portfolios and another where you can analyze your transactions in detail. In the status bar, you can view a countdown for when the stock market is opening or closing.

Enables you to organize your portfolio better

The strong point of the application comes from the numerous features available for organizing your portfolio efficiently. Therefore, you can move portfolios to the desired folders, get quotes for the latest stocks, get historical prices, track earned interest and manage your transactions easily from the same place.

On a side note, the program supports a handful of international mutual funds services, but most of them are from India. It would be nice if the app allowed you to select the stock markets and mutual funds you are working with.

Moreover, it would be useful if you would have access to news or have a stock market simulator that enables you to test and prepare for various scenarios.

An overall reliable tool for managing your stock portfolio

Since the stock market is full of surprises and is a bumpy ride, you need all the help you can get to make the best decisions for your investments. TakeStock can lend you a hand with keeping all data organized and making the most out of your portfolio.

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