Automatically assign parts of speech tags to words and other tokens from any given plain text content using this simple and straightforward app.

  • TagAnt
  • Version :1.2.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Laurence Anthony

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TagAnt Description

Part-of-speech tagging refers to the process of marking up a word in a text that corresponds to a particular part of speech account for its definition as well as its context. Since the process is complex and entails a lot more than just having a list of words and their parts of speech, you need all the help you can get.

TagAnt is a lightweight piece of software that can simplify how to assign POS tags to a text or an input list of text files that are UTF-8 encoded.

Comes with a barebones, yet clean and intuitive interface

The program does not require any setup and thus, you can input your text file or directory that contains plain text files that are encoded with UTF-8 right away. The interface is as simple as it gets and it is split into two main sections, namely the input and the results panels.

While in the input pane, you can seamlessly write or paste your text directly or input the files, the results area displays the process content but with the corresponding tags. Once the results are available, you can select them all and use the standard shortcuts to copy the text to the desired location.

Simplifies the word tagging process

The application has the role of making this overly complicated operation fast and straightforward. Therefore, after you have input the text, the next step entail selecting the language of the files from the check box located in the lower section of the screen.

The utility also allows you to choose the orientation for the output results – horizontal or vertical – a feature that can come in handy when processing texts written in certain foreign languages. You should know that the application saves a copy of the treated text in the same folder as the original file, but with the “tagged” appended to the filename.

A handy tool for anyone studying linguistics

In the eventuality that you are a teacher or studying linguistics and are working on a project that entails extracting advanced semantic information such as parts-of-speech tagging, then perhaps TagAnt can lend you a hand.

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