Tabtip On-Demand

A simple to use application that prompts a virtual keyboard on your screen, so you can type with mouse clicks or the finger touch.

  • Tabtip On-Demand
  • Version :1.7
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Chessware SA

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Tabtip On-Demand Description

Tabtip On-Demand is a useful application that enables you to type using a virtual keyboard that automatically pops up when you click on a fill-in field or open text editors. Tabtip On-Demand allows you to type in cases you do not have a keyboard, with mouse clicks or finger touches. It is suitable for both classic desktops and touch screen devices.

Virtual keyboard prompted on the screen

Tabtip On-Demand is configured so that once running, it can prompt the keyboard on the screen whenever your cursor is in a fill-in field. The application runs in the background, but the keyboard pops up when you click on the icon in the system tray or in the above mentioned situation. It can be a suitable alternative for a physical keyboard.

The basic keyboard contains the basic tray of letters, digits and punctuation signs, but the software offers three modes of typing. The second implies dividing the key trays into three sections, similar to ergonomic keyboards: the letter group is split in two sectors, with the compact digits set between them.

Calligraphy on the screen

The third keyboard mode resembles drawing tablets, meaning that all you need to do is write the words by hand. The software can recognize the calligraphy and instantly transform the drawing into typed words. It offers several tools for correction, including drawing the letters individually, splitting or joining words and deleting input.

Once opened, the software runs in the background and does not close, unless you select the dedicated option. Instead, you may disable it for 10 minutes, 1 hour or until you restart the computer. Tabtip On-Demand can conveniently replace a physical keyboard, since you can easily type words with the help of the mouse, or switch between the keyboard modes.

Useful desktop keyboard replacement

Tabtip On-Demand is a versatile application, since it works in multiple environments, including classic desktops, in the Modern UI Start Menu or on touch screen devices. The keys can be activated with the mouse or with a finger touch. The application can easily replace a physical keyboard, due to the convenient typing and writing modes and pleasant interface.

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