Intuitive, quick and user-friendly drag-and-drop software application that enables you to visualize statistics gathered from various files or online databases.

  • Tableau
  • Version:10.3.1 (10300.17.0615.2100)
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Tableau Software

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Tableau Description

With the Internet being a powerful source of news, especially because of update times and speed at which it reaches the public, everything needs to move fast. What’s more, statistics play an important role and serve as a guideline for comparisons. In this regard, Tableau puts a friendly environment at your disposal in which you can create real-time updating statistics according to various info.

Intuitive and well-organized interface

The interface is the first to greet you, with its intuitive design and visually appealing elements. There are several examples of what can be achieved, with the possibility to visit the online catalog with constantly updating entries from individuals worldwide.

Multiple display types and customization options

In order to obtain a result, you need to provide data to be displayed in one of the many available forms. This is a plus and enables you to use charts, maps or graphs in nearly any environment. In this regard, customization offers a helping hand with the possibility to manually configure colors, shape and size of displayed elements.

Gather data from files or online servers

As mentioned above, there are no editing fields that let you input data directly in the application. This must be set up before generating a result, with import options allowing you to extract data from other Tableau projects, Microsoft Access or Excel, as well as plain text files.

In addition, enthusiasts are also able to connect to a wide variety of online servers that range from Tableau Server to Amazon, Google Analytics, Oracle, MySQL, Splunk and a lot more.

Choose items to be displayed

The sense of freedom is achieved through the possibility to select only custom info fields to be displayed for better analysis and comparison. What’s more, multiple projects can be handled at a time, each with a dedicated set of controls at your fingertips. There’s also a story editor, which lets you add graphs to a blank sheet of virtual paper along with text, for a more professional approach.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Tableau greatly comes in handy for data and statistics analysis. The intuitive interface is sure to instantly get you up and running, while flexibility, the large online data gathering options, as well as customization options make the application worth at least a try.

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