Take snapshots of your system, with options to scan registries, files, and application, while analyzing changes and generating various reports.

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SysTracer Description

Installing a whole bunch of different applications on your computer can lead to system stability issues because of file compatibility settings, or who knows what else. You can keep an eye on changes in case you think you can manually repair damaged components, and programs like SysTracer can help you take snapshots of your entire system to compare them with newer ones.

Choose areas to include in snapshots

The application stores all of its features in a clean interface, which allows even inexperienced individuals to quickly get the hang of things. Most of the space is used to show the list of snapshots, along with details like computer, OS, date, size, and categories scanned. Tab support makes navigation easy, letting you access snaphots, registry, files, applications, and remote scan with a single mouse click.

Before anything can be done, you need to take a snapshot of your system. There’s the possibility to target only specific parts, such as custom files, installed applications, or hives inside the registry, or simply let the application look throughout the whole operating system. After some time, another snapshot can be taken, with a built-in component to compare them and spot differences.

Analyze data and save to file

Results generated from the compare tool, snapshots, and all other categories can be saved to file, in case you need to include data in other projects. Snapshots can be saved as a whole, which can come in handy if you want to analyze info from other PCs.

Opening a snapshot allows you to take advantage of the other tabs. Visually structured the same, these provide quick navigation through folders in a tree view, with content shown in a table, as well as corresponding data in a separate pane. What’s more, you can apply different filters to narrow down results, and save info you manage to find useful.

In conclusion

Bottom line is that SysTracer is a practical application you can use every now and then to see what changes were made to your system. It can also be used remotely to help network administrators out. The overall design is pleasant and intuitive, letting anyone take advantage of its features.

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